A method of shallow, decoration grinding using a diamond wheel. The decorated areas are then left unpolished.
Acid Etching
A process, manly used for glass decoration, where the glass surface is treated with hydrofluoric acid. Acid-etched glass has a distinctive, uniformly smooth and satin-like appearance.
Annealed Glass
During the float glass process, the hot glass is gently cooled in the “annealing lehr”, which releases any internal stresses from the glass to enable the cutting and further processing of the glass post manufacture.
Antique glass
A general term describing a very old piece of glass, perhaps even several centuries old. Glass with an uneven surface texture and bubbles inside, produced using antique methods in order to obtain the appearance of glass made before the development of industrial processes
Antique mirror
Is a decorative silvered glass mostly used for interiors. They may be available in a variety of colors and design
Anti-reflective glass
Anti-reflective glass is float glass with a specially-designed coating which reflects a very low % of light. It offers maximum transparency and optical clarity, allowing optimum viewing through the glass at all times
Armor Plate Glass
Laminated glass, resistant to mechanical shock, composed of at least four panes of glass and usually at least 25 mm thick.
Arrised Edge
A basic form of edge working, by removing the sharp edges of cut panes of glass.
Acid Polishing
This process is used to remove obscurities from etched surfaces.
Auto Glass Cleane
glass cleaner for tough outside applications like bird splay resin
Annealing Range
Determines the limits of temperature within which glass may be annealed.
Alarm Glass
Is a special laminated glass designed and manufactured for security purposes. The interlayer is embedded with a very thin wire and then "sandwiched" between two or more sheets of glass.