A decorative form of edge working.
The production, by abrasion, of a sloping edge on the glass sheet. Commonly used on mirror glass.
Bulletproof Glass
Designed and produced to resist penetration by bullets. Armor plate glass which is more than 60 mm thick and which resists penetration by bullets.
Bird-Friendly Glass
It’s estimated that more than 100 million birds are killed every year due to collisions with glass surfaces, Bear Glass has come up with solution by coming up with glass that appears normal to humans but is very visible to birds.
A process used to produce bent glass in which a plate of glass is placed in a horizontal mould and then slowly heated at approximately 600
Bathroom Mirror
Mirror used for personal hygiene in bathroom area
An iron or steel pipe for blowing glass.
Blast-resistance glass
The ability of glass to stand blast pressure from an explosion.
Body-tinted glass
Tranparent float glass with a consistent colour throughout its depth.
A form of distortion in toughened and heat strengthened glass, inherent to the manufacturing process.
A cavity in glass filled with gas.
A decorative form of edge working.
Bent Glass
A normal glass when carved by an industrial process is called bent glass or carved glass. It allows architects a great way to create unconventional shapes instead of the rectangular design.
Bullet Resistant Glass
Multiple-laminated glass or glass & plastic designed to resist penetration from medium- to super-power small arms and high-power rifles.