Fire-resistant glass
Special type of glass designed to contains flames and inflammable gas for a longer period. Contains flames and inflammable gas for a short period of time, but does not prevent the transmission of heat to the other side of the glazing(example: wired glass, reinforced laminated glass).
Flat Glass
All types of glass (rolled, float, plate, etc.) produced in a flat form, regardless of the method of production.
Float Glass
A term for perfectly flat, clear glass (basic product). The term “float” glass derives from the production method, introduced in the UK by Sir Alastair Pilkington in the late 1950′s, by which 90% of today’s flat glass is manufactured.
A reaction caused by glass condensation.
The basic rigid supporting structure of a window, building, etc.
The process of giving a glass surface a matt finish, thus reducing transparency. Frosting may be by means of acid treatment (pouring hydrofluoric acid onto the glass), sandblasting, special glue application and subsequent removal, or mechanical etching with a grinding wheel.
Floor Mirror
Floor standing mirror used to enable head to toe viewing of dress style
Describes smooth, glossy glass surface as a result of exposure to intense heat. It is characteristic of mouth-blown, machine-drawn, and float glasses.
Any glazed panel, door, window, skylight, or curtain wall unit on the exterior of a building.