A lite/sheet of glass.
Patterned glass
Patterned glass presents uneven surfaces with different impressed patterns.
A metal tool to hold glass in a frame.
Plate Glass
Used in the past to produce higher quality glass, this technology was completely outperformed by the float glass process.
Plate Glass
Flat glass made by the casting or rolling of molten glass which is then mechanically ground and polished to produce a smooth and transparent sheet.
Smoothing the surface of an object when it is cold by holding it against a rotating wheel fed with a fine abrasive. Glass can also be polished with hand-held tools.
Primary seal
A butyl-based sealant applied to the edges of the space bar during assembly into double-glazed units, to ensure a watertight and airtight seal around the perimeter of the unit.
The plastic interlayer incorporated into laminated glass in order to ensure good adhesion and the mechanical and safety breakage characteristic of the glass.
Photovoltaic glass
A special glass with integrated solar cells, used to convert solar energy into electricity.
Patio Screen Door
Screen door leading from house to patio, screened to keep bugs out