a processes for restoring mirrors which involves stripping the back paint from the mirror, then removing the deteriorated silver with an acid. The glass is now polished and rinsed. It is now ready for silvering.
Resin laminate
Two or more sheets of glass assembled with one or more resin interlayers.
Replacement Window
Window properly installed, on time, with quality workmanship
Replacement Window Screen
Screen used in Go-Glass quality installation
Reflective Glass
This is an ordinary float glass with a metallic coating to reduce solar heat. This produces a mirror effect.
Relative Heat Gain (RHG)
The amount of heat gain through a glass product taking into consideration the effects of solar heat gain (shading coefficient) and conductive heat gain (U-value). The value is expressed in Btu/hr/ft2 W/m2). RHG = (14° F x Summer U-value) + (Shading Coefficient x 200 BTUs). The lower the RHG, the greater the glass restricts heat gain.
Rolled Glass
Also called Patterned and Figured glass. Flat glass manufactured by forming a ribbon of glass with a pair of machined or engraved forming rolls. The rolls impress their surface pattern into the glass surfaces.