Warm edge spacers
Insulating spacers used to seal Insulating glass. Since they do not contain aluminum, they are less conductive, thereby improving the U-value of the window, and reducing condensation.
Waterjet cutting technology
This system consists of high pressure (60.000 psi) water, mixed with abrasives, that passes through a gauge orifice at three times the speed of sound. Such pressure produces a pure working power able to cut any shape of glass or other materials
The action of water on exposed materials – glass.
A piece of material used on windows or doors to reduce leaks and prevent rain and wind from entering the structure.
Weather tight
Hermetically-sealed to prevent entry of water and air into the structure.
Wheel Engraving
A process by which the glass surface is decorated using grinding wheels.
Wind load
The pressure acting on an external surface of a building caused by the direct action of the wind.
Wind Pressure
The amount of pressure produced by wind velocity on the glazing surface.
Wired glass
A product in which a wire mesh has been inserted during production. It has an impact resistance similar to that of normal glass, but in case of breakage, the mesh retains the pieces of glass.
Wired Glass
Flat rolled glass reinforced with wire mesh and used especially for glass doors and roofing to prevent objects from smashing through the glass and also to hold pieces of broken glass together. By holding the glass together, it can also protect against break-in and the spreading of fire. Wired glass is produced by continuously feeding wire mesh from a roller into the molten glass ribbon just before it undergoes cooling. (See also “Boudin process”, “Pilkington double-pass wired glass process”).
Wrought Iron Mirror
Mirror framed in wrought iron
Window Repair
Glass repair that doesn’t do unnecessary work
Windshield Repair
Windshield repair by a safety conscious certified glass technician
Wet Glazing
A method of sealed glass in a frame by use of a knife or gun-applied glazing compound or sealant.